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brixxApi Functions

The brixxApi provides a set of functions for each brixxbox. These functions can be used inside brixxbox events, to interact with the brixxbox and modify the behaviour of the application.

brixxApi Events

The brixxApi Events are used to react on certain events. This way you can customize the behaviour of the brixxbox to your own purpose. Some events will be raised befor the brixxbox executes their own logic for this event. In that case, you can return 'true' to avoid the brixxbox build in event. Otherwise the brixxbox will do its own logic after your event.

  • onDataTransform → The event can be used to transform a datasource line to a calender event.
  • onEventClick → The event occurs the user clicks on one of the events.
  • onEventChange → The event occurs the user moves or modifies an event.
  • onTimeSelected → The event triggers when the users selects a time period in the calendar.

Server Side Api

The Serverside Api provides functions to interact with the brixxbox similar to the clientside api


Configuration is a folder, present of the left side-bar of Brixxbox web-app. It includes all essential options to create, update, manage and customize workspaces of a particular user. Below you can find the working summary of each options present under configuration folder. To read about each option in detail, click on "click here" at the end of each option.

Last Edited

Brixxbox allow users to create and update multiple applications. In order to increase usability, it provides last edit option. User will be able to see all the recently edited app's here and save time. For example, consider your workspace consists of 100 applications and you were working on one app, then you don't want to go through all the apps instead you can find this app directly from here. In order to learn more about it click here.


Brixxbox is all about creating user defined applications. Apps option takes user to new Brixxbox page. This page lists all the apps present in the user space. Here Brxxbox allow users to search, sort, create, edit and delete user defined applications. In order to learn more about it click here.

Template Gallery

Not only Brixxbox allows you to create your workspace from scratch, it also provides a list of templates for new users to get started with. It contains templates for beginners like "App in 4 minutes" to complete CRM systems like "Digital Address Book". In order to learn more about Brixxbox templates click here.


In Brixxbox left side panel, there are folders present like "Configuration" itself. These are all default folders. In addition to them, Brixxbox also allows user to add a customized folder. This menu option is for creating this customized folder. In this option, on first level you are only allowed to create a folder and all sub folders and apps can be placed on next hierarchical level. For example, in the menu editor we see that on first level "Applications" folder is defined an in it two apps "Address - list", "Item - list", and a folder "System Applications" are present. We can also see a same hierarchical order on left side panel.

Menu editor

In order to learn more about it click here.


In this folder, Brixxbox provides you all the functionality which is needed to create, update and maintain your database. Following are the sub options provided by Brixxbox to manage database.


All the metadata information about users database is provided under this option. For example, name of database, creation date and available space etc. A snippet of an example database's info is given below:

Database info


Tables option provides user with searching, creating, editing, and exporting different data tables present in the database. It provides a detailed list of all the tables present. An example of tables present is listed below: Tables List

In order to learn more about managing data tables click here.

Sql Statements

Brixxbox allows users to create sql statements regarding their app's usability and save them. This option provides functionality to create, edit, and delete sql statements. It also lists all the present sql statements. In order to know more about managing them click here.

Sql Procedures

This option allows you to maintain SQL stored procedures for your Brixxbox Database. stored procedure is a prepared SQL code that you can save, so the code can be reused over and over again. It allows users with functionality to create, edit, and delete stored procedures. In order to learn more about it click here.

Sql Functions

Brixxbox allows users to write, edit, delete Sql functions. User only have to provide the body of a function, the function will be generated from it. In order to learn more about it click here. In order to learn more about it click here.

Sql Triggers

Triggers are such functions which run or get triggered when a certain event occurs.. In this app, Brixxbox allows you to maintain DML triggers for your database tables. In order to learn more about it click here.

Data sources


Custom messages

Server Functions

Job Schedule



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